Our Story

MVF is one of the world’s leading customer generation companies.


Since winning the 2013 Sunday Times Tech Track as the fastest growing UK tech company (with 3-year average annual growth of 278%), the company has grown 7-fold in size again. We now employ over 450 people in the UK and USA, and run marketing activities in more than 100 countries.


We are on a mission to accelerate our clients’ growth by building the world’s most effective marketing platform through a passion for data, relentless innovation and the development of world class teams.


Our Team

The Tech Team is a team of almost 60 driven and talented individuals across a variety of disciplines including Systems, Sites, Product, Creative, UX, Infrastructure and Desktop Support. Our team underpins virtually all of the revenue generating power of the business.


The Role

You will be responsible for the maximising the performance of the Engineering team in terms of; the ability to deliver fast on the value that the Product team identify, the quality of our Engineering effort and the continuous improvement of our systems. At MVF have to carefully balance the eternal triangle of Quality, Speed and Cost every day.



  1. Engineering Excellence: Ensuring through hiring and culture, a high level of technical prowess in the engineering teams and equivalence in the standing of the Practice and Management tracks in our department.

  2. Engineering Management: Line management of Engineering Managers; ensuring we are delivering on our promises of career development, Agile proficiency, the formation of fully cross-functional teams etc.

  3. Technology vision and strategy: Appropriate choices of technology, promote a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring stakeholders are kept up to date and informed in language that makes it clear and understandable, about why and how we are making these choices.

  4. Technology improvement roadmap: Ensure that our Engineering guilds (People, Agile, Technical) have leadership and hold the leaders of the guilds responsible for delivery of our roadmap.

  5. Hiring/Engineering brand: You will help us become a Tech employer of choice and grow a pipeline of engaged engineers.

  6. Infrastructure and Devops: Overall responsibility for the reliability and design of our AWS infrastructure


What Success Looks Like:

  • Happy and effective Engineers that are confident that they know how to progress in their careers.

  • Engineering teams that can transform Product requirements into Epics that deliver value quickly and predictably, whilst taking the opportunity to address Technical Debt on the way.

  • Holistic systems design that respects Domain boundaries and progressively splits apart our monolithic legacy, delivered using TDD. 

  • Solid infrastructure that; makes Continuous Deployment easy, means DR is testable and quick


Our Ideal MVFer:

  • Proven track record in recruitment and hiring quality

  • Experience in transforming from a Monolith to Service architecture

  • Experience in managing multiple product teams and keeping the overall picture under control

  • Experienced Agile practitioner, able to understand the current level of our team and put in place steps to increase the predictability and velocity of delivery


Our MVF Values

Company culture is very important to us, and that is why we were voted in the top 2 places to work in the Sunday Times Best Companies List 2017, and why we are constantly looking for ways to make MVF an even better place to work. 


As well as providing a fun and inspiring workplace, we have clear values that inform everything we do, ensuring all of our teams are driving to be world class, constantly innovating and inspiring positivity in their colleagues.  We don’t just talk about our values, we live them:


  • Drive to be World Class
  • Work Smart, Deliver Fast
  • Love Innovation
  • Help Others Succeed
  • Earn Trust
  • Inspire Positivity

Think Growth.

MVF offers exciting careers, fast progression and a dynamic working environment. Find out if we have your dream job.

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