Our Story

MVF is one of the UK’s leading marketing technology companies. In 2013, MVF topped the Sunday Times Tech Track and we’re currently ranked as the top company to work for in London on the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For list. We now employ around 400 staff in the UK and USA, and conduct marketing activities in more than 120 countries.


Our Team

The Emerging Paid Media team grows the latest and most exciting digital channels into MVF’s media mix, currently Twitter and Pinterest. Our aim is to be an early adopter, testing old and new ideas to identify how to appeal to the audiences of these uncharted digital channels to generate high quality leads for our clients. We’ve profitably grown spend by 210% in the past three months and are a market leader in using Pinterest and Twitter for performance marketing in the UK.


The Role

You will be joining the Emerging Paid Media team. You will design, create and manage a number of high-performance ad campaigns on Twitter, Pinterest and potential future emerging channels that come out of MVF’s New Channels Team.

The team’s activities are a vital part of making sure MVF stays ahead of the curve. In your role as an early adopter, you’ll need an entrepreneurial mindset to make these emerging channels thrive with a creative license to try almost anything. You’ll have the persistence and high output required to make a large number of campaigns work in uncharted digital marketing channels. You’ll be able to work with our other marketing teams to adapt their winning creatives for your products to the audiences of your channels, briefing in creative designers on fresh ideas or using your editing chops to create your pins and tweets.

It is a dynamic role with a unique blend of creativity and analysis. You’re responsible for finding the right people, for the right products and showing them the right message - all while ensuring your activities are as profitable as possible!




Our Ideal MVFer:

Think Growth.

MVF offers exciting careers, fast progression and a dynamic working environment. Find out if we have your dream job.

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