Our Story

MVF is one of the world’s leading customer generation companies.

Since winning the 2013 Sunday Times Tech Track as the fastest growing UK tech company (with 3-year average annual growth of 278%), the company has grown 7-fold in size again. We now employ over 450 people in the UK and USA, and run marketing activities in more than 100 countries.

The result of our growth and scale means our annual media spend is over £55M/year and are a Top 30 UK billing client with Google and growing rapidly.


The Role

The Specialist role encompassess elements of high level account management and project management and consultancy in a performance marketing context. It is reserved strictly for people with deep knowledge of at least one Biddable channel, and with broad understanding of several. These individuals are equipped with an array of digital marketing tools, techniques and strategies, who will be expected to troubleshoot complex problems beyond the understanding of most Senior Execs. 

They will be expected to lead high level projects with multiple stakeholders in areas including (but not limited to) marketing innovation, best practice, martech and data utilisation.

Within the SEM team of over 25 people you will be responsible for PPC, Display, Discovery and YouTube campaigns. The SEM bills nearly £20M a year with all activity being managed on a pure profit performance basis and YoY media growth of over 50%.



  1. Marketing Channel Expertise - Minimum of 2-3 years experience of direct response campaign delivery. Should have a detailed understanding of strengths and tactics of specialist core marketing platform. This includes current betas and trends and how to troubleshoot.
  2. Wider Marketing knowledge/skills - Experience/knowledge of other channels or related technical experience with relevant platforms
  3. Marketing Strategy - Be able to problem solve and drive results from marketing challenges but working with others and implement platform expertise.
  4. Project management and problem solving - Experience in leading projects which delivered outcomes whilst working with members of different teams.



  1. Key Account Management - This could include managing and exceeding targets for important/complex high GP contributing campaigns or potentially improving the performance of under performing high potential campaigns.
  2. Launches, advises and troubleshoots on key new verticals and brand new business models.
  3. Lead and contribute to longer term projects across wider marketing teams.
  4. Maintaining external relationships with platform contacts.
  5. Acts as a platform consultant across the wider team and help dictate and strategies  about how we run our core marketing channels.


MVF Perks

  1. £1k training budget per year
  2. Massive variety of clubs including lunchtime football, free yoga, ultimate frisby, book club, plus many more
  3. Office Dogs!
  4. Free Breakfast


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