Our Story

MVF is an award-winning customer generation business supplying some of the world’s leading brands with high volumes of new customers in over 45 countries. In 2020 we were ranked 1st in the UK in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For List, and even won a special award for our commitment to our people’s learning and development.  

MVF topped the Sunday Times Tech Track as the fastest growing tech/media company in the UK, and we’ve been winning awards ever since; whether for growth, for excellence in marketing, or for innovation in other fields. At present, MVF is made up of 500+ amazing people in the UK and USA, and we’ll soon be launching our third regional office, this time in the APAC region.


The Role

As an Associate Product Manager, your primary responsibility is to seek out opportunities to learn and practice the tools and techniques of product management. This will include regularly seeking input from other product managers on your work and approach, using relevant discovery techniques and tools, facilitating workshops, and attending training/conferences.

You will work with a product manager to identify business opportunities and problems, define solutions to these and deliver business impact with a positive ROI.

You’ll research, learn and practice industry leading product management techniques to develop ideas with users, customers and senior stakeholders to solve MVF’s most pressing opportunities. You’ll establish a deep appreciation for the complexity and challenges of the business.

You’ll learn to use evidence based approach and your data analysis skills to validate assumptions, manage risk and frame the business cases for projects, and prioritise them.

You’ll consider how problem definition, stakeholder requests and priorities align with the core business strategy. 



  1. Proactively seek learning and development opportunities
  2. Deeply understand your product area and users
  3. Communicate effectively with team and stakeholders
  4. Ensure rigorous prioritisation and smooth delivery
  5. Practice Problem Solving & Opportunity Spotting


What Success Looks Like

  • Regular input from other product managers has been used to improve understanding of tools, techniques and approaches
  • Able to independently run an initiative from discovery through to completion
  • Great relationships with Product Owners, Customers, Users, Stakeholders, Senior Managers and Developers
  • Full capacity of high impact Initiatives, epics and user stories


How Success is Measured (KPIs)

  • Product KPIs
  • Stakeholder NPS
  • Higher impact than cost
  • Initiative Lead Time


What happens next ? 

Even though we are not currently in the office, MVF is actively recruiting with the Talent Team on hand to answer any questions and update you throughout the process. Your application will be reviewed and if suitable, you will complete a telephone interview with a member of our Talent Team to discuss next steps. 


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