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The Product team is a fast growing team of highly driven, curious and passionate product people. We use our product tools, techniques and processes to help the company make the best possible decisions. We make it easier to choose what to work on first, what to build, how to achieve change, how to measure and validate impact, and we drive engagement and collaboration every step of the way.


About MVF

MVF is an award-winning customer generation business supplying some of the world’s leading brands with high volumes of new customers in over 40 countries. In 2020 we were ranked 1st in the UK in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For List, and even won a special award for our commitment to our people’s learning and development.

We are on a mission to accelerate our clients’ growth by building the world’s most effective marketing platform through a passion for data, relentless innovation and the development of world-class teams. We want you to help us get there!


The Role

As a product manager, your primary responsibility is to identify business opportunities and problems, define solutions to these and deliver business impact with a positive return on investment.

You’ll use industry leading product management techniques to develop ideas with users, clients, partners, stakeholders and senior leadership to solve MVF’s most pressing opportunities.

You’ll use a relentless evidence based approach and your data analysis skills to validate assumptions, manage risk and frame the business cases for projects, and prioritise them.

You’ll ensure problem definition, stakeholder requests and priorities align with the core business strategy.

You’ll then support the agile development teams throughout the delivery process, assessing value against KPIs and refining the backlog of work as appropriate.

You will work with the users in the business to measure the value initiatives have delivered and assess the impact on the business, in order to inform the future priorities.

You will also work with the product management team to refine our tools, techniques and processes (our ways of working), helping to drive continuous improvement of our product capability.



  • Deeply understand your product area and users
    • Build subject matter expertise and empathise with users
    • Take initiatives through framing and discovery, understand risk & assumptions, build models that show business impact and value
    • Know the external landscape and marketplace
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with MVFers
    • Manage expectations
    • Collaborate with engineering teams and engineering managers to achieve product delivery
  • Define, develop & communicate an inspiring product vision
    • Sell the long term dream of the product
    • Collaborate with senior leaders, challenge their thinking, validate ideas through a data driven approach
    • Identify new opportunities in the product
  • Build a roadmap towards the product vision and prioritise it
    • Find creative solutions to business problems
    • Use a flexible roadmap that aligns to MVF’s strategy but accommodates tactical delivery
    • Create well formed epics/stories, acceptance criteria and measures of success
    • Align dependencies across the roadmap
  • Measure product performance
    • Define clear leading metrics
    • Continually measure the performance of the KPIs
    • Increase KPI visibility
    • Create the highest appropriate level of user experience
  • Drive product-led thinking
    • Help improve the team and product process
    • Be an advocate for product processes and coach MVFers
    • Design and influence MVF’s product-led cross functional roadmaps


What Success Looks Like:

  • Great relationships with Clients, Partners, Users, Stakeholders, Senior Leadership and Engineers
  • Colleagues and Leaders have all the information and insight they need to be confident in the decisions they make
  • Initiatives delivered have large and visible impact on the business
  • Engineering teams understand not only what to do but why it’s valuable
  • The Product Management team and processes are continually improving


Our Ideal MVFer:

  • A passion for collaboration and a proven track record of bringing people with the right domain knowledge and skills together to achieve significant impact
  • Experience working with extensive detail and nuance without losing sight of the higher conceptual understanding and goals
  • Worked with agile engineering teams to slice outcomes to validate assumptions, mitigate risk, reduce unknowns and deliver value fast
  • Experience of working with platforms and tools that support the compliant handling of personal data, and understanding of terminology and concepts relating to Data Protection & Privacy and executing data rights under GDPR and other international regulations would be advantageous.


This Fixed-Term Role

Recent years have seen significant progress globally in the area of customer data rights and privacy protection, we want to remain at the forefront of unimpeachable adherence to our data handling obligations and ensure that we have the flexibility to grow and adapt as the regulatory landscape changes.

We are dedicating time to a transformative focus project to both modify our existing tools and platforms, and build and integrate new greenfield capabilities to achieve the vision of having absolute confidence in our approach to data protection & privacy.

Our ideal candidate is an experienced Product Manager who has worked on, or adjacent to, Legal & Compliance platforms for handling user data with good domain knowledge and a track record of delivering the clarity and insight required to efficiently build scalable adherence solutions. 

They would work closely with the Lead Product Manager and the Legal & Compliance team to deliver a leap forward in our product capabilities. Success will require deep discovery, clarity, collaboration and prioritisation with creative solutions to a complex and challenging set of problems. 

This is a one year fixed contract position with potential to join the company permanently at the end of the term, subject to commercial and resource requirements at the time.


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