About The Team

Our team is made up of five wonderfully skilled individuals from all over the world — Brazil, The Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. Our roles include Front-End and Back-End Engineers, a Lead Engineer, and an Engineering Manager. We’re a diverse team and we’re proud of our inclusive culture. Everyone is welcome.

We collaborate closely with our dedicated Product Manager to build and evolve our products. We work hard and we love to share our knowledge with, and to learn from, all the other MVF tech teams — that’s why we encourage participation in our department’s weekly Tech Guild and Architecture sessions.

We also love to relax and celebrate our success, so when things go “back to normal” you might get loads of invites for lunches and after-work catch-ups over a drink or a stroll around our brand new office.


As of April 2021, we are still working remotely, but we hope to return to the office in the near future when it’s safe. The office will soon be open for groups of volunteers. Our covid policies are informed by employee wellbeing surveys and government guidelines.

The Role

This role will give you the opportunity to collaborate with an agile team, Product Manager, and internal stakeholders to deliver and support quality software — to contribute to the whole development life cycle: planning, analysis, design, documentation, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Build and evolve products: Together with the team, you are responsible for building new product features, implementing tech improvements, optimising conversion rates, fixing bugs, supporting products, and reducing tech debt.

Participate and collaborate: You actively participate in team ceremonies such as standup, planning, and retrospective meetings, and you share the responsibility of hosting/leading these meetings with your teammates.

Coach and learn: You share your knowledge and upskill the team in technologies such as Javascript, Node.js, and React. You likewise learn from others.

About You

As well as providing a fun and inspiring workplace, we have clear values that inform everything we do, from who we hire, to the work we do, to which businesses we partner with.

We don’t just talk about our values, we live them. Following are values that describe you.

Drive to be world class: You lead the way by identifying, sharing, and championing best practices. You are thoughtful and considerate when submitting or reviewing code, upholding and advocating sensible testing. You are mindful of the wider context of your work, and you consider the value, risk, and long-term support of your software.

Work smart & deliver fast: You thrive in a collaborative team where discussion is encouraged and everyone’s opinion holds value. You are proactive and able to facilitate the planning and execution of work with the team to deliver quality work on time.

Love innovation: You are energised by implementing new technologies and methodologies but you’re also OK with supporting older projects and maintaining and contributing to a healthy code base.

Help others succeed: You love to learn new things, and you use your yearly training budget appropriately. You find ways to share your knowledge with others, and you’re happy to coach teammates and to learn from them in turn.

Earn trust: You communicate clearly and respectfully with your team and non-technical stakeholders. You are helpful and honest.

Inspire positivity: You present solutions rather than problems. 

The Tech Part

We encourage everyone to apply even if you don’t “tick all the boxes.” However, we expect you to have the majority of skills to match the seniority level that we’re looking for, and for this role in particular, we are especially interested in strong JavaScript, Node.js and React skills alongside back-end development experience with PHP.

You can:

  • Write excellent Javascript (ES6).
  • Create applications using React and Node/Express.
  • Write concise PHP (7|8).
  • Use TypeScript to bring type-safety to our JavaScript.
  • Produce quality HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to create applications and widgets from supplied design files.
  • Write unit/functional tests.
  • Write good documentation and architecture diagrams.
  • Configure Docker and contribute to custom images.
  • Use GIT effectively.
  • Comfortable using the command line.
  • Write concise Bash scripts.
  • Diagnose server and caching issues (AWS, Memcached, Redis, Fastly).
  • Configure DataDog and create dashboards.
  • Own tasks and drive them through to delivery.
  • Communicate effectively with fellow Engineers and contribute to a healthy team atmosphere.
  • Solicit regular feedback from others and show eagerness to improve.
  • Provide feedback to others.
  • Be a part of MVF culture and hold the same values.


Company culture is very important to us, and so we’re very proud to have been named the number 1 place to work in the UK in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For List 2020. We are constantly looking for ways to make MVF an even better environment for all our people.

About MVF

MVF is an award-winning customer generation business supplying some of the world’s leading brands with high volumes of new customers in over 40 countries. In 2020 we were ranked 1st in the UK in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For List, and even won a special award for our commitment to our people’s learning and development.

We are on a mission to accelerate our clients’ growth by building the world’s most effective marketing platform through a passion for data, relentless innovation and the development of world-class teams. We want you to help us get there!

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