Our Story

MVF is an award-winning customer generation business supplying some of the world’s leading brands with high volumes of new customers in over 45 countries. In 2020 we were ranked 1st in the UK in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For List, and even won a special award for our commitment to our people’s learning and development.
We are on a mission to accelerate our clients’ growth by building the world’s most effective marketing platform through a passion for data, relentless innovation and the development of world-class teams. We want you to help us get there!

Our Team

Emerging Paid Media is one of the most unique teams in MVF and in the wider digital marketing industry. The team specialises in jumping on the less established marketing platforms to crack them before the competition! So far we’ve cracked Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and our next challenge is Youtube and TikTok. The key to our success is our entrepreneurial spirit in trying all kinds of weird and wonderful creative tests to hack these platforms into working for our business model where other advertisers can’t. We’re often pioneers within Europe and the world and have been recognised as such, notably winning Best Use of Linkedin Ads in the UK National Biddable Media Awards in 2020.

The Role

You will design, create and manage high-performance ad campaigns across multiple marketing platforms. We’re a small team so it’s very much an ‘all hands on deck’, start-up vibe, moving quickly between lots of different channels and challenges. You’ll also have a key role in contributing to the strategy of the channels you run and how they can provide the most value for MVF and our clients around the world, working closely with our channel account managers.
The role offers a unique blend of the creative and the analytical. We take our own footage for our ads and write our own copy. While you’ll need a sharp brain for maths, there’s the creative license to try almost anything: everyone here is an entrepreneur.
The great thing about this team is that you learn multiple channels that are all very different, so it’s perfect for developing marketing experts who can adapt to any new channel with ease. Our team is often asked to tackle the trickiest marketing challenges within the business.

Use a variety of data sources to analyse ad performance data, e.g Click Through Rates, Conversion Rates, and how they impact revenue and profit.
Liaise with channel account managers (Linkedin, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube) on innovative marketing strategies.
Create ad visuals and headlines.
Test out new marketing strategies on the channels (experimenting with audiences, bidding strategies, ad formats).
Contribute to the overall strategy for each channel within MVF (e.g. which products we run, design new processes)
.Report on commercial performance and understand how to affect it.

About you:

This role is entry-level so while a bit of experience definitely won't hurt your application, ultimately we are looking for candidates that are:

Resilient - We have a lot of opportunity to test and experiment in this role however you have to be prepared for those tests to fail sometimes
Dynamic - What you're working on can change day to day, we find this really exciting but understand it may not energise everyone
Analytical - We want to use the data we are fed back from our campaigns to make our ads even better
Entrepreneurial - Think of your campaigns as your own mini-business, you'll get lots of autonomy in this role. While we will give you all the training you need in our biddable academy, we want someone that's prepared to really take the reins


At MVF we love learning new things. Joining the EPM team is an opportunity to learn:
Editing photos and videos with photoshop, aftereffects, premiere pro
How to create award winning ads
Project management skills
Multiple marketing channels
... and whatever else it is that excites you, with generous training budgets provided

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