Our Story

MVF is one of the world’s leading customer generation companies. 

Since winning the 2013 Sunday Times Tech Track as the fastest growing UK tech company (with 3-year average annual growth of 278%), the company has grown 7-fold in size again. We now employ over 450 people in the UK and USA, and run marketing activities in more than 100 countries.

We are on a mission to accelerate our clients’ growth by building the world’s most effective marketing platform through a passion for data, relentless innovation and the development of world class teams. 

Our MVF Values

Company culture is very important to us, and that is why we were voted the top places to work in the Sunday Times Best Companies List 2020, and why we are constantly looking for ways to make MVF an even better place to work. As well as providing a fun and inspiring workplace, we have clear values that inform everything we do, ensuring all of our teams are driving to be world class, constantly innovating and inspiring positivity in their colleagues.  We don’t just talk about our values, we live them.

  • Drives to be World Class
  • Works Smart and Delivers Fast
  • Loves Innovation
  • Helps Others Succeed
  • Earns Trust
  • Inspires Positivity


Our Team

The Biddable Marketing Department is made up of several teams operating across a number of marketing channels and platforms; these include Paid Search and Display (primarily on Google & Bing), Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram), Native (Taboola, Outbrain etc), Emerging paid media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat), YouTube and Programmatic Display (DBM). 

Our vision to set the standard in acquiring quality customers at scale through continuous biddable marketing innovation and excellence. The role of the Biddable Marketing Specialist will be pivotal in helping us achieve our vision.


The Role

The Specialist role is primarily focused on high level campaign management as well as encompassing elements of consultancy and project management in a performance marketing context. It is reserved strictly for people with deep domain knowledge of at least one Biddable channel, and with broad understanding of several. These individuals are equipped with an array of digital marketing tools, techniques and strategies, who will be expected to troubleshoot complex problems beyond the understanding of most Senior Execs. They will possess extremely strong campaign management skills and will be capable of delivering in the most complex and challenging of circumstances. They will be expected to lead high level projects with multiple stakeholders in areas including (but not limited to) marketing innovation, best practice, martech and data utilisation. These individuals are tasked with ensuring we are operating at the cutting edge of world class performance marketing.



  1. Campaign Management; You will be expected to manage a significant number of performance marketing campaigns. You will be highly competent in all the skills required to do this including all the technical side of running campaigns (tracking, targeting, bidding, platform utilisation) through copywriting and ad creation. You will aim to sustain / improve performance goals of marketing campaigns through effective strategies in line with MVFs Best Practice.    
  2. Key Campaign Management This could include managing and exceeding targets for important/complex high GP contributing campaigns or potentially improving the performance of under performing high potential campaigns
  3. Project Delivery: The Roadmap is the process by which long term capability is developed at MVF. You will own and be accountable for the delivery of specific projects, often related to your specific areas of expertise. In addition you will work collaboratively with the Head of function  on the delivery of  other key initiatives. 
  4. Marketing Innovation and Thought Leadership You will be a thought leader in Biddable. You will spend time researching the latest trends in performance marketing, look to introduce new tests and strategies, and will surface new ideas and concepts to the wider team. You will live the Specialist Leadership traits (http://bit.ly/3bbLIpX)
  5. Consultation: You will act as a platform consultant across the wider team; troubleshooting challenging campaigns and supporting best practice adoption.
  6. Strategy: You will help dictate strategies about how we run our channels in line with commercial priorities and lead on defining best practice for relevant channels
  7. Testing: You will take the lead on identifying and testing new betas/features on the platform/channel
  8. Training; You will also be expected to run training sessions for new Execs as part of Biddable Academy as well as run more Advanced Workshops for experienced team members, for which you may be required to create content for MVFs learning management system. Degreed.
  9. Process; You will drive forward new processes within the wider Function or Trading Hub to make workflow more efficient. Where possible you will seek to automate processes. 
  10. Relationship Building and Stakeholder Management: You will possess and grow a Strong internal network, and start to look at building an external one. You will agree and communicate and priorities with Marketing Operations and other key stakeholders. You will be required to seek to influence within MVF to bring people aboard your initiatives that add value to the wider business.
  11. Maintaining external relationships; You will develop strong relationships with our Account Managers for different platforms. 
  12. Line Management (Optional): Where a Manager does not exist in a Hub, a Specialist may potentially perform some line management responsibilities for Execs and Senior Execs.

Our ideal MVFer

Core Skills and Knowledge - all Biddable MVFers

  1. Analytical - data analysis and numerical reasoning
  2. Persuasive Copywriting - produces copy suitable for external audiences with little amendment
  3. Responsive - contribute quickly, to a high standard in a way which creates value for MVF
  4. Creative design - create visuals, video, design (photoshop etc) content
  5. Innovative - generate new concepts, ideas and solve problems. 
  6. Organised - manage your own time (and if needed other’s time) effectively 
  7. Commercially aware - strong awareness of relevant business concepts, market places, clients and marketing's role with wider MVF commercial function
  8. Collaborative - understand how the biddable team operates and works well in a team and matrix environment
  9. Communication - convey understandable messages in written and verbal format
  10. Critical thinking - able to objectively analyse and evaluate an issue in order to form a judgement or recommendation
  11. Inputs to channel strategy - Input to wider marketing tactics and tools along with the direction of the channel
  12. Knowledge sharing - develops own knowledge and routinely disseminates that knowledge to others
  13. Training - contributes to and delivers technical training in areas of specialism
  14. Account Management - manages relationships with external partner organisations
  15. Resilient
  16. Diligent
  17. Working knowledge of team platform(s)
  18. Channel Strategy
  19. Opportunity analysis
  20. Beta testing 
  21. Brings knowledge of industry practices outside of MVF
  22. Project Management
  23. Consultative business partner
  24. Troubleshooting
  25. Workflow Process Development - auditing subcats, rollouts (internationalisation), testing new features, investigates martech solutions (internal & external)
  26. Deep technical knowledge 

What Success Looks Like

  1. Operates in line with our values. 
  2. Consistently meets KPIs.
  3. Campaigns consistently meet or exceed their GP target.
  4. Suggests and owns side projects inline with team and commercial strategy.
  5. Is well known internally as an approachable source of expertise.
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