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MVF’s Inside Sales team is a specialist sales team who focus on generating a large number of new business relationships across a wide range of products and industries. The team targets Smarter Sales by selling to SMEs in order to fill SPL gaps of existing campaigns to maximise MVF’s GP and overall profit margin.

Unlike the deployed sales teams, the Inside Sales team works on both B2B and B2C campaigns as it sells to a variety of different subcategories across all five Lead Gen Trading Hubs, targeting a more transactional, faster sale with smaller companies.


The Role

As an Account Manager, you will be expected to make a significant contribution to MVF’s overall performance by managing a large number of strategically-important accounts across a range of different existing campaigns. 

The role of Account Manager is to proactively manage a portfolio of clients across a wide range of industries and campaigns. You will be expected to set expectations for each of your clients, respond to any client requests in a timely and appropriate manner, manage disputes to prevent client churn, and constantly look for opportunities to grow the value of your portfolio either through upsales or new business.

The role rewards people with strong commercial intelligence who are able to prioritise their time correctly to offer the highest level of customer service to their clients to help their businesses grow.



  1. Managing a portfolio of SME clients across a range of different industries
  2. Identifying opportunities to upsell and grow existing accounts
  3. Re-engaging with past clients to understand why they stopped working with MVF and exploring the opportunity to restart their accounts
  4. Building close relationships with the wider MVF Sales Team, as well as the Operations, Marketing, and Tech specialists across the business
  5. Developing and improving your own approach to managing client relationships using methods such as Phone, Email, and LinkedIn


What Success Looks Like:

  • Consistently achieving activity targets.
  • Passing all stages of the Sales Academy with flying colours
  • A constantly-growing Average Order Value of clients in your portfolio
  • Stabalising and growing clients who are in the Developing and Mature stage of their MVF lifecycle (4 months +)
  • Fully embracing and consistently demonstrating our values


Our Ideal MVFer:

  • Fantastic customer service skills combined with an exceptional phone manner
  • Ability to keep lots of plates spinning - you will need to multitask all the time! 
  • A team player who can work closely with a series of stakeholders to keep them all informed and up to date with your portfolio
  • Driven, articulate and hungry to succeed


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