MVF Wins Silver at the UK Paid Media Awards 2023

MVF has won a Silver award for Best Use of Video at the UK Paid Media Awards 2023.

The entry focused on how the paid marketing team scaled new video formats on TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts. 

With the emergence of these new video formats, the team saw massive potential to unlock new customers that hadn’t previously engaged on other channels, and with plenty of similarity between creative formats offering opportunities for cross-team alignment, they sought to become a powerhouse in all three channels, under the shared banner of ‘Vertical Video’. 

An added challenge was that the team was aiming to reach an audience of over 40s, not a demographic typically associated with these platforms. But the team didn’t let this stop them – they knew the right creatives and the right targeting could deliver the results they needed. 

The campaign was a huge success, delivering over 200k qualified customers to clients.


Becky Bottle, Head of Emerging Paid Media comments:

“We’ve launched over 5,000 ads and 300 totally unique creative styles and proven that there isn’t a demographic we can’t reach! I’m so proud of the team and what we have achieved.”