Enreach has seen lead volumes increase fivefold in the communications provider industry with the help of MVF. Learn more.

Le défi

In 2016 Enreach were in search of a company that could connect them with a high monthly volume of potential customers who were genuinely interested in their product, to fuel their ambitious business growth plans. 

Working with MVF meant that Enreach could avoid the risks associated with building and training a new in-house marketing team, in addition to providing the sales team with a reliable source for advice on sales best practice. 

Le partenariat

From the start of the partnership, MVF’s offering has been making a good impression. The volume of customers delivered is high enough to fill the pipeline of Enreach’s sales teams and improve their efficiency and conversions. MVF outperforms other marketing channels that had been previously trialled, delivering above targets and consistently hitting ROI targets.

Budget allocation has scaled year on year, which has seen volumes increase five-fold over 5 years. Close account management has ensured the success of initiatives like frequent mystery shops and data sharing. These give visibility to both Enreach and MVF, highlighting wins (like impressive callback time or channel mix to drive quality) and areas for potential optimisation and increased growth.

MVF provides Enreach with a reliable stream of monthly volume and a source of advice on sales best practice

Et après

Enreach has just gone live with a new campaign and will be onboarded to at least an additional 2 campaigns over the next 12 months. Lead delivery will be made more efficient by moving Enreach over to a live API feed, which means sales teams will be connected to customers the moment that a form is submitted on one of our pages.

Enreach already has an unmatched average callback time and we anticipate this will only improve. Another benefit of the API rollout is that data sharing will become an automated process, freeing up time to focus on other priorities.

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