Vitaldent with MVF has scaled quickly, growing 6x the volume in less than 6 months. Find out how.

Le défi

Back in 2020, they received private funding from international group Advent, and with this came enormous growth targets and a vision change. Vitaldent identified the digital space as a niche not yet explored within the dental industry, which currently relies heavily on offline marketing, as a way to fulfil their ambitious goals. To help them achieve this, MVF and its long-lasting experience in healthcare lead generation provided Vitaldent with a reliable plan to accelerate growth and go beyond expectations. 

Le partenariat

First thing was to identify where the biggest opportunities were and then ensure the campaign was set up for success. The partnership with Vitaldent began in October 2020 with a conservative, yet representative trial of 1,000 leads, for their most profitable and efficient procedures: Implants and Invisible Braces. This way appointment slots were filled with the best opportunities for Vitaldent in terms of ROI.

To further ensure Vitaldent’s success, a live reporting CRM integration for data sharing was implemented, which provided MVF with real-time visibility over the results of the campaign. This enabled more testing across campaigns, whilst being able to advise the client on how to better distribute their budgets to make the most of their investment.

The scaling capabilities MVF has shown, along with improved KPIs, mean they are a reliable and trustworthy partner.


Given the similarities with Hearing Aids, a vertical that MVF  developed strong expertise in since 2014, great results were seen from the beginning. Vitaldent’s structure enabled them to quickly scale, growing 6x the volume in less than 6 months, and launch a new Veneers campaign too, all whilst improving the overall KPIs.

Vitaldent is a demanding partner, and exactly one MVF likes to work with. The partnership continues to grow month on month with discussions taking place that look at launching new procedures, supporting their brand awareness and always searching for new ways to create value within the lead generation space.

Et après

Being an early adopter to the lead generation space creates enormous opportunities, and Vitaldent have taken full advantage of this, which in turn has allowed them to scale rapidly. As an ambitious client, in a yet-to-mature industry, there is still huge scope to grow, even after scaling 10x since launch. MVF will continue to support Vitaldent in its mission to “Make Spain Smile” by ensuring they receive a steady stream of consistent and reliable customers.

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