ZZPcentrum’s traffic has more than doubled with a 51% increase in revenue while partnered with MVF. Find out how.

Le défi

In 2018 ZZPcentrum started their partnership with MVF. The goal was, and still is, to increase clicks and monetize website traffic. It was clear from the beginning MVF and ZZPcentrum was a great fit, with a commitment to growth underpinning both organisations. 

Ad feeds and widget codes were effortless to adapt and create in the style of the ZZPcentrum website; so the set-up process was seamless. MVF’s CPC platform quickly delivered success, and most importantly for ZZPcentrum, displayed the results immediately and clearly.

Le partenariat

ZZPcentrum and MVF have a very close working relationship which has been the bedrock of success. MVF account managers meet bi-weekly with the ZZPcentrum team to discuss ways to scale and improve campaigns.

Both ZZPcentrum and MVF are fully committed to the partnership and this is reflected in the incremental steps to build on the initial success of the campaign, to ensure it keeps growing year on year.

Les capacités de l'équipe MVF sont inégalées. En associant technologie et travail d'équipe, nous sommes satisfaits des résultats exceptionnels que nous avons obtenus. Leur équipe est travailleuse et dévouée à notre mission, ce qui en fait un excellent partenaire.


Since the beginning of the partnership, ZZPcentrum’s traffic and clicks have more than doubled, and as a result, revenue has increased on average by 51% year on year. 

This is testament to the partnership MVF and ZZPcentrum have created and the continuous effort to scale and improve on the collaboration. 

Et après

ZZPcentrum and MVF continue to seek out new possibilities for growth and exchange ideas with the main objective to help ZZPcentrum scale further.

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