Les chiots au travail : le secret pour améliorer le bonheur des employés ?

Imagine a workplace where wagging tails and playful barks set the tone for a productive and joyful atmosphere. Having dogs in the office has become much more than just a trend; they offer a wide range of benefits beyond their adorable presence. Research and real-world experiences have shown that companies that introduce dogs into the workplace witness reduced stress in their employees, increased communication, and a more positive work environment.

Companies such as Amazon, Google, Etsy and Airbnb have opened their offices to their furry friends, recognising the value they can bring to the working environment. Amazon has even added an extra touch of warmth and positivity, their 404 error pages showcase their canine companions, featuring delightful pictures of adorable dogs that change each time you land on the page. Whether employees bring their own dogs or external companies provide interactive experiences with puppies, who doesn’t love some furry companionship.

As we navigate a post-pandemic world, the bond between people and their pets has grown stronger. When employees prepared to return to the office, many worried about leaving their beloved companions alone—for some, it was the first time experiencing this separation. It is estimated that UK households acquired over 3.2 million pets during the pandemic lockdowns, making animals a much bigger part of our lives than ever before. Within the workforce, an astonishing 71% of Gen Zers and 48% of millennials planned to request pet-friendly policies from their employers. For the companies that did embrace this change, they witnessed outstanding outcomes, from increased productivity to heightened happiness in the workplace.

When examining the increase in happiness, studies revealed that dog owners who brought their pets to work scored significantly higher on job satisfaction scales compared to colleagues who did not. Additionally, dogs serve as excellent social catalysts, fostering increased levels of communication among employees. Their presence sparks conversations, creating a more connected and collaborative workplace.

MVF has experienced firsthand the transformative power of having puppies around the office. In collaboration with Paws In Work, we provided MVFers with a fun and fulfilling experience and we have fully adopted a bring your dog to work policy for all of our employees. We witnessed how these furry companions strengthen team dynamics, improve morale, and contribute to a healthier work-life balance. As a leading figure in the customer generation market, we understand the value of creating a workplace that values both professional success and personal well-being.

Must-Have Dogs at Work Stats

  • Numerous studies have shown that over 70% of people agree that having dogs at work alleviates stress, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere
  • Dogs act as social lubricants, with 67% of individuals believing that their presence makes the office environment friendlier, enhancing social connections
  • Companies that embrace a dog-friendly policy witness a 56% improvement in working relationships among employees
  • Over 90% of businesses report a positive change in the overall working environment when dogs are present
  • Nearly half of the organisations have noticed a decrease in absenteeism since introducing dogs at work
  • Most businesses (67%) state that dogs have significantly boosted morale and employee satisfaction

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of work, the remarkable impact dogs can have on our well-being is genuinely astounding. Let us come together to embrace the joy and positive energy that your workplace can receive, creating an environment that attracts top talent, cultivates happiness, and ensures your ROI remains firmly in the green.

A workplace that is open to new ideas is a workplace that thrives.