MVF Wins Gold at Learning Give Back Award 2023

MVF has walked away with Gold in the Learning Give Back category at the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) awards.

MVF was shortlisted for the award after being nominated by School21, the school they worked with to deliver the learning programme called LEEP & Learn which aims to give sixth form students who might not have had exposure to careers at businesses like MVF the chance to learn real skills and experience different career options.

Since 2020, MVF has partnered with School21 to deliver an annual development programme for sixth form students. The programme and broader partnership activities are delivered through MVF’s LEEP Network. The LEEP (Lived Experiences of Ethnic People) Network is an employee-led organisation championing diversity and inclusion inside and outside MVF.

One of the key aims of MVF’s LEEP Network is to give young people the skills, confidence and experience they need to work in organisations like MVF. The diversity of young people at School21 and their approach to education, including their partnership with businesses to offer students real world learning projects, was the perfect opportunity.

The LEEP & Learn programme lasts a few months and is a combination of mentoring from MVF team members, workshops from experts across the business and a practical project to enable students to apply their learning.

The students are asked to pick a product or service they think would be a great fit for MVF. They then research the market, audiences and potential clients MVF could partner with. Students then create an advertorial article, marketing email, webform and two pieces of creative content for marketing channels of their choice – with expert advice and mentoring from MVFers.

James and Zhaania accept award

The whole programme ends with a presentation to a panel of expert MVF judges made up of Directors and Exec Board members. We even set students up for success to deliver their presentations with our internal persuasive presenting workshop and feedback from their mentors.

James Adams, Lead Learning and Development Partner at MVF says: “After receiving the award on the night we were asked a couple of questions backstage, one of which was what advice we would give to others? For us, having a partner like School21, with a shared vision and purpose is key. This ensures alignment and that both sides are pulling in the same direction.

“We’re coordinating the programme for March 2023 already and looking forward to many more years working with the amazing students at School 21.”