Um Escritório de Bigodes

AQUI no MVF somos conhecidos (igualmente!) por nosso trabalho de caridade e nossas impressionantes exibições de pelos faciais.

So being able to combine the two for a month was a no-brainer and the male members of staff have embraced Movember with gusto.

This year we are raising money so we can get a new mini bus for the Leonard Cheshire Foundation, a charity that provides care for people with debilitating illnesses and injuries.

While the charity always maintains its level of care, funding is limited making extras hard to come by.

The mini-bus will help the residents get out and enjoy life beyond the care home.

A staggering 83 people from MVF agreed to help raise money for the cause, and as an added incentive one particularly hirsute team player has agreed to shave his beard off if £7,000 is raised.

Style wise, it has been a mixed bag so far, but popular crops include the handle bar and horseshoe, though who knows what quirky styles will emerge as the month progresses.

Marketing executive Michael Horrocks said: “I’ve always wanted to try growing a moustache, but thought I’d look like a fool. At least nobody can tease me as it’s for a good cause.”