Dentro da Academia de Desenvolvimento Gerencial do MVF

desenvolvimento de gestão

MVF is one of the UK’s fastest growing customer generation companies, and as such we are constantly creating new opportunities for our employees.

We’ve got a really great business that is growing very quickly, and we need future leaders to keep it moving forward. This need to keep our high performance growth engine running at maximum capacity was where the Management Development Academy was born.

Desenvolver o programa não foi fácil, então aqui está um pouco sobre como criamos nosso programa de desenvolvimento de gerenciamento de classe mundial.

Create Relevant & Tailored Content

Ultimately, we assessed which skills and frameworks our managers needed specific to our business, then built out our content from there.

Our six month development programme starts with the individual, and self-assessment, because in order to be a really great manager you have to know yourself.

From there, some of the things we cover are how to hire great people and how to set them up for success. We talk through managing underperformers, but also helping superstars to thrive, which can often be challenging. We also help people learn to frame feedback effectively.

Invest in Quality Facilitators

Having internal facilitators is really important to our programme’s success, because it means consistent, tailored, scalable delivery.

Our facilitators work in our business, so they understand our cohorts’ challenges so much better. As a result when someone asks a question or are looking to get more experience, we can give them the benefit of MVF’s experience and we can bespoke the answers accordingly, as opposed to the answers being very generic which isn’t always particularly helpful.

All of our facilitators have been through what I call ninja facilitation training to bring their skills up to a best practice, world class standard.

Ultimately, launching and running this programme was hugely challenging and a lot of hard work, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat!