Dia Internacional da Mulher 2019

No MVF, não vemos a diversidade de gênero como uma questão isolada, pensamos que é uma grande parte da criação de um local de trabalho inclusivo para todos.

For International Women’s Day, we wanted to bring some of the issues women face feeling included in the workplace to light with the aim to start conversations about gender issues among MVFers.

We did this through a week long campaign based around storytelling.

To encourage people to discuss gender in the workplace, whether it’s their experiences, advice, opinions, lessons learned or otherwise, we called out for story submissions that we would share in the lead up to IWD.

We left it up to the author to share their story either anonymously or named, and put our call out to the entire company.

In the course of six days we received and shared eight stories; two anonymous, five by women across the business and one by a man, plus one creative video.

These stories were personal accounts, raw experiences and more often than not showed gender issues are often compounded by other intersections of people’s environment, identity and background.

Throughout the week we also gathered questions from across the company, again submitted anonymously or names, to put to some of MVF’s women in leadership.

Altogether we had more than 30 questions submitted covering a wide range of topics from ‘is there a perceived glass ceiling exist for women at MVF?’ to ‘how can we train men to be better listeners?’. Our eight panellists gave their best answers to these questions, citing their own personal experiences and telling their own stories throughout.

We provided lunch for our 100 attendees, sourcing the meals from female-founded business Potage. Georgia Cummings founded Potage in 2012 with £1,000 savings and a passion for fresh, homemade food. From hand-making and delivering all food on her bike, Georgia now has over 1,500 clients across London – including MVF!

Our celebration of women doesn’t end here, our all hands meeting later this month will be presented by all women to highlight the incredible female talent we have within the business.