Eventos MVF: Como escalar uma marca de alimentos saudáveis – Pippa Murray

Este mês, nossos eventos MVF começaram com Pippa Murray, fundadora da Pip & Nut, uma marca de alimentos saudáveis em rápido crescimento com sede no Reino Unido.

Pippa’s story started when she was in training for the Paris Marathon, and making her own nut butters at home. She had the realisation that other people mindful of health and wellbeing would be interested in the types of spreads she was making: all natural, super nutty and very delicious.

Taking her product to Maltby Markets in London served as Pippa’s minimum viable product testing, where she received the affirmation she needed from the general public to pursue her dream.

Since then she has scaled her brand to become a UK supermarket staple, and even expanded internationally.

But it wasn’t all smooth (or even crunchy) sailing. Pippa took us through the challenges she faced on her journey, everything from pitching an unknown brand to major supermarkets to building an authentic brand that resonates with customers.

Rachel Thompson attended the talk, and commented: “I absolutely love nut butters and have always been a fan of Pip & Nut, so it was great to hear about the story behind the brand. Pippa’s story was really inspiring, I think it really shows the importance of being passionate about what you are doing – whatever career it is – to being successful.”