Eventos MVF: Party Animal to Pugilist – Lisa Moore

Last week England boxer Lisa Moore came to talk to us about her life-changing career path which led her from the super-clubs of Ibiza to the ultra-disciplined national boxing championships.

You Only Live Once

One of the key points Lisa raised was that life is short. She realised early on that “when you’re gone, you’re gone” and this became the driving force behind her relentless determination and winning focus. Her tenacity and fearlessness is the key to her incredible career progression and throughout the talk she encouraged us to do the same, because – you really do only live once!

The Ibiza Bubble

Lisa started out as a beautician in Essex and went on to become a promo girl when she relocated to London. From there she moved on to Ibiza, where she was a podium dancer in some of the White Isle’s most famous clubs for three years. However, the excesses of the non-stop party lifestyle took their toll and after the break up of her relationship the Ibiza bubble burst wide open…

She was 28 and working in an Essex cafe when bumping into an old friend jolted her back into action. Having already won 2 white collar fights in Ibiza she realised her two loves were dancing and boxing, so set about making a career from these talents.

Bouncing Back into Boxing

Within 2 weeks Lisa had landed a job working on reception in one of London’s best gyms and started attending boxing sessions run by professional boxing champion Ciaran Duffy. He saw that she had great potential and at the age of 30 she launched her amateur boxing career.

Despite her own initial doubts and the reservations of her friends and family, Lisa transformed her life from party girl to professional boxer. She went from “pints for breakfast” to sober socialiser, she took up training twice a day and through her hard work and dedication soon earned a place on the England boxing squad.

Achieve Your Goals

Lisa is a firm believer in target setting and visualisation to help achieve your goals. Though she could not fulfill her ultimate dream of winning the championships (due to badly torn knee ligaments), she has not let this affect her progress.

When quizzed on how to deal with disappointment, Lisa told us that it is a choice whether to dwell on past problems and let them overcome you. “You must decide to push them out, learn from them where possible and get on with your life”, she says.

Lisa has gone on to study psychotherapy and counselling and now incorporates this knowledge into her uniquely designed boxing sessions which help people with mental health issues.

Rachel Thompson who attended the talk commented: “Lisa isn’t your typical motivational speaker – she was so genuine and told us the honest truth about the dangerous path she was on. To turn it all around and start such a physically demanding career at 30 is so inspiring and proves that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.”

Fran Whittaker-Wood said: “Throughout the talk Lisa encouraged us all to go toe-to-toe with our fears and to make sure that we would be proud of the life we’ve led. It definitely got me thinking!”

Lisa also works as a coach at 12×3 – Boxing Gym run by former World Champ Darren Barker. Check it out here: https://www.12x3gym.co.uk/coaches/lisa-moore