Principais dicas para conquistar clientes vitalícios


We recently sat down with our Client Success Director, Nick Belcher to find out how MVF builds relationships with our valued clients, and what tips he has for other companies to do the same.

1. What is your role here at MVF?

As the Client Success Director I am solely focused on how we are partnering with our clients to achieve their objectives. Our aim is to help businesses grow, which doesn’t just mean matching them with active customers and calling it a day – we work with our clients very closely to make sure they are converting as many of these active customers into sales as possible.

2. What do you love most about your job?

I’m a real people person, so I love hearing stories from our clients about their growth and success and how the people behind the scenes have helped achieve this. I also get to work with a wide variety of departments at MVF, from sales and marketing operations to tech, which is so much fun – we have some really talented people in our company and it’s incredible to see what they come up with to add to our clients’ success.

3. What business practices does MVF use to show it cares about its customers?

Most people would probably assume we just attract potential customers and put them in touch with our clients, but we also enter several dummy leads (that we don’t charge for, of course) and measure the time to receive the first call, as well as the total number of calls made, so we can compare it with competitors and industry best practice and share it back to clients to help them improve their sales approach. This doesn’t actually directly impact our bottom line – we charge on a pay-per-lead basis – but it can improve our client’s success, which is our main goal.

4. How do you go about making sure your customers feel valued and know that you love them?

I think the thing MVF does really well, despite being a big company, is take a personal approach to everything we do. From our Contact Centre Director actually going in and meeting with our call centres to give personal training, to our popular London office tour where clients meet representatives from all our teams, our own mantra of treating our people like people also extends to our clients.

5. How do you ensure client success as a global company, when international markets are all so varied?

We run campaigns in around 120 countries across the world, and I think the area where we succeed most is thinking about each market very differently. We did extensive research to find the nuances of users in each country and we have actually hired native language speakers into our offices both for business development in new markets and to qualify the customers we are generating there. I think going into any new market without the proper due diligence – which all comes down to thoughtfulness – is a huge mistake, but unfortunately one businesses commonly make.

6. If you had one marketing tip to share, what would it be?

Don’t underestimate the importance of personalisation and thoughtfulness in marketing. At the end of the day, any form of marketing will only succeed if a real connection is made.