Dando as boas-vindas à nossa Rede de Mulheres

Rede Feminina

When I first joined the MVF sales team, I was welcomed with open arms by the Ladies in Sales community of ambitious and inspiring women who shared their successes and supported each other on a daily basis. 

This kind of support network has contributed tremendously to how well I integrated into the company and what I thought was possible to achieve here. But this kind of support wasn’t as readily available for the women at MVF outside of the sales teams. 

So our Head of Talent Brand came up with the idea to create a Women’s Network – a transformative community that removes barriers and drives personal and professional growth. 

Together with a team of women from around MVF she is striving to make this workplace a leader in empowering women to discover and exceed their ambitions. “Our Women’s Network will form an integral part of our inclusion strategy.

Building on Ellie’s amazing success with Ladies in Sales, we’re going to be creating a network that empowers women to build, grow and develop whilst being supported by an inspirational network of future leaders.” – Lexie Newnham, Head of Talent Brand.

The Women’s Network currently consists of the following core steering committee:

Chair: Ellie Rafe

Co-Chair: Dominyka Morkvenaite

Scribe: Becky Connell

Sponsor: Samairah Maqsood

Organisers: Lucy Tinson & Sabrina Ouki

Internal Comms: Kate Judina, Joanna Diggle & Olivia Hingorani

External Comms: Robyn O’Dwyer

Treasurer: Jess Stacpoole & Edurne Valcarce

For our launch day we’re organising a lunchtime session in line with International Women’s Day in March, which features an exciting guest speaker and a panel discussion that all MVFers are encouraged to get involved in.

We have huge plans for what we want to achieve with this network and how we want to create a more nurturing environment for women within and outside of MVF, so lots of exciting things are yet to come! If you’ve enjoyed this blog and would like to chat about joining forces or even volunteer your services and support we’d love to hear from you on [email protected]

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