A Day In The Life: Juliette Hoffmann, Digital Marketing Analyst

Q: What’s your name and which team do you work in?

A: I’m Juliette Hoffmann, Digital Marketing Analyst. I work in the Marketing Operations team (otherwise known as Mops) – everything we do is to maximise MVF’s long-term gross profit through optimising our delivery of high quality leads. My role involves overseeing campaigns and devising and executing strategies to ensure that both our clients and MVF are growing and running profitably.

Q: What’s the first thing you do when you get in every morning?

A: Pour myself some coffee (the filter coffee in the kitchen is my coffee of preference), grab some breakfast (I enjoy choosing from the wide variety of cereal on offer), and catch up on all my emails and messages. I have several online dashboards which I refresh every morning which provide an insightful visual overview of the campaigns I manage across different territories. I’ll use these to help shape my To-Do list for the day. At around 10am, my team will hold a 10-minute ‘stand-up’ during which we share our priorities for the day; only the person holding the basketball has permission to speak, and the final person gets to shoot (…and usually misses)!

Q: How would you explain your job to Frank, our office dog?

A: Hello little doggo! I work with a range of teams across in the business to ensure that all parties are happy. I look at marketing performance to make sure we’re making money, and I look at client’s data to make sure they are making money too!

Q: What has been your biggest achievement?

A: Last month I received the Biddable Ops Award for being the marketing team’s ‘Mops Champion’. It’s always encouraging to be recognised, but beyond that I was happy to know that the way I communicate and work with marketing is viewed as enjoyable and effective. The marketing team is at the very heart of the business so it’s important that the relationship between our two teams is as strong as possible!

Q: What’s your favourite thing about what you do?
A: The tangible outcome of the decisions we make. As MVF centres around data, everything is quantifiable and it can be extremely rewarding seeing graphs trending upwards because of an action you’ve implemented. Because the impact of our digital strategies – both internal and external – can be measured, we are constantly refining processes and improving the way we work.

Q: What surprised you most about your role at MVF?

A: How fun work can actually be! Applying for my first full-time job was naturally quite daunting and while the MVF websites sheds insight into the fun company culture, I was blown away by buzz in the building, the fun traditions and the help and encouragement from colleagues across the business. Within several weeks of joining, I was given twenty campaigns to manage, requiring me to liaise with senior members in other teams. The responsibility awarded so early on is really empowering, expediting the learning process and allowing even the most junior members to add value immediately.

Q: What are your job application and interview tips?

A: Be honest and be passionate. Very few Mops and MVFers have previous marketing experience, but have a genuine interest in the role and a hunger to learn. The £1000/year training budget and the internal academies are designed with this in mind, so be sure to communicate not only your strengths but also the skills you are excited to develop. Be clear in your thinking process, use data where relevant and show a commercial awareness. MVF hires people against the MVF values – these are essentially the backbone of the company. If these values resonate with you, demonstrate how you embody these, both on your application and in interview!