MVF Events: Getting the Career You Want – Jackie Fast

This month we were lucky enough to have entrepreneur and sponsorship guru Jackie Fast join us for a lunch time talk.

Hot off the heels of launching her first book, Pinpoint, and selling her incredibly successful sponsorship business Slingshot, Jackie shared her journey and insights into getting the career you want.

With a story different to most entrepreneurs who see a gap in the market then fill it, Jackie started Slingshot when none of London’s sponsorship agencies would meet her for a job interview.

Her passion to work in sponsorship drove her to start her own agency, and after working 24/7 from her bedroom she landed contracts with Prince, Red Bull and the Rolling Stones in her first year of business.

Since then, Jackie’s made a name for herself selling high profile sponsorships and working with market leading clients, including Sir Richard Branson, the Mayor of London, Spotify, Bloodhound, IBM and Universal Music.

Here are Jackie’s three tips for getting the job you want.

1. Don’t kid yourself, it’s a jungle out there

Be prepared to work hard to work hard, Jackie says. Getting a job in the field you want may well be a full time job in itself, and once you get that job you need to be prepared to work even harder. Experience and education matters, and if you want your CV to be seen, make an effort.

2. Do your research and know your end game

Speak to people who work in the industry and are successful at what you want to do. You’d be surprised who would love to take up the chance to have a coffee, successful people love passing on their knowledge. Assess your skillset and work out the areas where you are strong and weak, and don’t be afraid to admit you are bad at something.

3. Play the long game

It will take time to work your way up. Don’t get discouraged. If you are good, it will be noticed, so just keep doing the best job possible. Self-motivation and enthusiasm goes a long way.

MVFer Karla McDougall commented, “It was hugely inspiring to learn how Jackie Fast transformed the world of sponsorship with her agency Slingshot Sponsorship. It’s not every day that someone goes from launching a business in their one-bedroom flat to working on Necker Island with mogul Richard Branson! Jackie’s passion for what she does was infectious and her journey really resonated with me as someone who wants to start their own business one day.”

You can learn more about Jackie’s story and her unique approach to sponsorship by purchasing her book ‘Pinpoint’, out now on Amazon.