MVF Sales Ready Leads

Less time prospecting, more time closing business

Your sales team is one of your most valuable assets; its performance directly links to your growth.

Having a motivated, knowledgeable team with a process and supporting tools is a great start. To deliver real growth, however, it’s important each person is speaking to enough quality prospects and is managing a healthy pipeline.

MVF Sales Ready Leads

MVF’s Sales Ready Leads are a scalable and reliable source of new customers for ambitious businesses.

Our leads are pre-qualified, and have asked to speak to relevant providers to discuss their needs and receive proposals. Your team’s job is to respond quickly; inform, inspire, and close.

MVF’s Customer Generation Platform

1) MVF’s technology and teams create, optimize, and distribute content and ads under one of our leading digital brands

2) Customers search online, read our articles or see one of our ads, emails, or messages, and some then go on to complete of one of our enquiry forms

3) Details are checked to make sure contact information and customer requirements are valid

4) Leads are passed from our platform to your sales team, either via API directly to your sales, telephone or CRM system, through our client portal or via email

5) Your sales team contacts prospects to discuss their needs and convert