Three Traits Of Highly Successful Salespeople

Blurred out man sitting at desk in front of computer

It’s not hard to recruit salespeople. There’ll be an army of recruiters out there, as well as large swathes of grads, only too eager to fill your desks and start claiming their cut. But if you’re looking to bring in the very best salespeople, the ones most likely to help you build meaningful relationships with new customers, it’s a little harder.

While it’s useful if the obvious boxes are ticked – a history of success, professionalism, and a willingness to learn – they won’t necessarily guarantee long term results. At MVF, we pride ourselves on recruiting only the very best people, and there a three key characteristics we look for in sales recruits at all levels. They’re listed below. How well does your current crop stack up against this list of MVF must-haves?

Commercial intelligence

A natural curiosity about business is key. The best salespeople are able to very quickly understand prospective clients’ business models and figure out how their own organization is able to help. An enthusiasm and interest in business and the mechanics of growing a business are always a good sign that a salesperson will know how best to make meaningful contributions, as is the ability to know the difference between a good deal and one that should be left alone.


How much do they really want it? Sales isn’t an easy job, everyone goes through rough patches where nothing seems to close. And it’s how your salespeople deal with these challenges that will determine their fate. Someone quick to lament a difficult situation or unwilling to try and remedy one using their own initiative when something does get in their way isn’t ever going to be your top seller.


The old clichés always ring the most true, so here’s one: people buy people. If your salespeople are unable to build a rapport with prospective clients, they are extremely unlikely to either make lucrative deals or maintain and grow their accounts. Fortunately, you’re able to put this to the test straight away: if they don’t establish a good connection with you during the interview process, it’s a pretty solid sign they won’t be able to deliver the growth you’re looking for.