La startup a 20 ans !

Founded in 2000, has been providing new businesses with expert advice, support and inspiration for two decades. In that time, millions of people have visited the site to find out exactly what they need to do, and how they need to do it.

Startups throughout the years...

In its time, Startups has featured many of the UK’s biggest businesses, along with features and interviews with the most influential people in the startup space. Alongside its core content – covering everything from business ideas to tax support – Startups has also been pivotal in highlighting new and growing business; in 2012, 5 years before completing its acquisition of the site, MVF positioned third in the annual Startups 100 campaign.

In 2020, the brand is celebrating its time in the startup and small business space with a campaign looking back over twenty years of success. With companies like GoCompare, Deliveroo and Bulb all having featured on the site, or winning awards, the brand has become a real who’s who of big British business.

How did the Startups 20 campaign come about?

The Startups 20 campaign was designed to highlight those successes. In a time where businesses are facing unprecedented challenges, showing how so many have gone on to overcome and grow despite difficulty is one of the core reasons that Startups exists. Starting a business isn’t easy, but the UK has proven itself to be more than up to any challenge in recent, and more distant, years.

A Star(tups) was born!

Startups was founded by David Lester, a long-time entrepreneur, and the brand’s main aim then – as it is now – is to bring experience and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Having lived in the US and benefited from similar publications in his time there, Lester saw a gap in the market to help other people do exactly what he had done – succeed in business.

Even as business information has become more and more available online – with competitors joining the market and existing publishers moving into the space – Startups have stayed ahead of the curve thanks to its dedication to providing the most expert and authority-driven content that is easy-to-access for beginners. As time has passed, this has meant adding in new areas of the site to cover emerging forms of marketing, as well as a doubling-down on the practical advice that every business owner needs to know.

The future of Startups

In 20 years, Startups has gone from strength to strength and is set to see that growth continue in the new year. With a new brand on the way, the team is dedicated to providing the best support and advice to small businesses, and we can’t wait to see who we’ll be talking about in ten, or twenty more, years time.