MVF’s UX Team Shortlisted for 2 UK Digital Experience Awards

The UX Team at MVF has been shortlisted in two categories at the UK Digital Experience Awards, including ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) and ‘Best Online User Experience B2B’.

In its 4th year, the UK Digital Experience Awards seek the companies using technology to improve customer experience. The nomination was based around a new portal system designed by MVF’s in-house tech team. The bespoke solution connects clients to our business and allows them to see their account activity in real-time, as well as giving our teams insight into campaign performance.

The project involved replacing an old, defunct system with something which serviced multiple stakeholders, including clients, customer services and the sales team, as well as our marketing divisions. The project has been a runaway success, as Scott Christie, Client Operations Manager explains:

“Our clients are now able to access more data than ever, can see their current spend levels via our new dashboard and will be fully GDPR compliant. Portal 2.0 allows decisions to be made quicker, as information is easier to see at a glance and has a smoother workflow though more effective filtering and search tools.”

The next stage of the awards involves a presentation to judges in July, followed by a ceremony and celebrations.

Kieron Woodhouse, Head of UX comments: “The Portal project was a pivotal moment for UX at MVF as it allowed the team to reimagine an ailing product without much limitation. It was also an opportunity to help our internal teams reassess their process around the product and improve efficiency. Our multidisciplinary team managed to cut through lots of roadblocks related to legacy systems and processes and build new features that ultimately had massive impact by saving money for the business and creating a pleasant experience for our users. I am very proud of what the team achieved”.