B2B Lead Generation

More Efficient Lead Generation

A recent industry study found that outsourcing lead generation to companies like MVF is 43% more efficient than doing your own lead generation in-house. Companies that have a huge cross channel network, a tried and tested approach to finding customers and a solid understanding of what you are looking for, can transform how your business finds new customers and facilitate rapid, sustainable growth.

Lead generation is particularly effective in B2B because decisions made about business purchasing carry a lot of weight – your job and reputation in the workplace pivots on you finding a reliable and cost effective company to purchase from. For this reason, most people want to research options carefully, and this is where comprehensive content marketing or paid ads can help to drive the customer to your brand.

Creating a Seamless Journey

In order to attract and close a B2B lead, customer generation companies have to employ a cross channel approach – marketing to people across all media, from paid advertising to content marketing to inbound emails straight to their CRM. This multi-channel strategy gives customers several touch points and allows lead generators to court the customer at every stage of their decision making process. Because lead generation companies have dedicated specialist teams across all marketing channels, and access to data which allows them to optimise their activities in real time, they have a much higher success rate when attracting potential customers – leaving your company to focus on closing the sale.

A Lifetime's Value from 1 Lead

Once customers have used your brand for a B2B purchase or service, they are very likely to return. Research by member based advisory company CEB showed that customers who already had strong affiliations to B2B brands were more likely to consider, purchase and pay a premium from that brand in the future. Therefore, for the cost of one lead, you will often get a returning customer and the lifetime value of their repeat business for a one off lead cost.

A good B2B customer generation company will be able to provide these leads at scale, while focusing on the criteria that you are looking for to make sure every business prospect is a strong sales or marketing opportunity for your business.