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Client story: Epos Now

MVF drives significant increase in pipeline and sales for Epos Now

Smarter Customer Generation

Launched in 2011, Epos Now is a market-leading point of sale specialist. Epos Now sells cloud-based POS systems designed to enable clients to manage stock levels efficiently and to deliver streamlined payment experiences to their customers. The company has an enviable 150% year-on-year growth, was the UK’s 13th fastest growing tech company in 2015, and enjoys a five-star Trustpilot rating.

The challenge
Having secured more than 20,000 clients in just under five years of operations, it’s fair to say growth sits at the heart of Epos Now’s strategy. In order to keep progressing this growth rate Epos Now needed to create a high-quality and high-volume source of demand and sales-ready leads. MVF was tasked with supplying leads that would convert at a more efficient rate than those it had secured with other partners.

MVF Customer Generation Platform
After launching with a test trial that saw 300 leads delivered directly into their CRM system, Epos Now quickly saw value in the partnership’s lead-to-sales performance, and scaled up volumes accordingly.

MVF now serves as Epos Now’s primary source of leads, delivering large volumes of UK-based leads per month that convert with a sales-to-lead ratio of 23%. Such is the success of the partnership that it’s been rolled out in the US.

“Having been a customer of MVF for many years I can easily say that the service has been the best of all of the marketing sources we have used. MVF have provided the best returns of all marketing investments by far. I look forward to more rapid growth, and many more years’ successful trading with MVF."

What’s next?
The US represents a huge growth opportunity for Epos Now, and MVF is set to help fuel its success. Plans are currently in place to grow lead volumes and revenue in the US to exceed those currently being secured in the UK. Both organisations are looking forward to working together in the future.

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