Bloom, a hearing aid business, has increased their lead generation by fivefold with MVF’s assistance. Find out how.

The Challenge

Initially, bloom faced lead generation hurdles when its old methods of adverts, coupons, and email lists were no longer effectively working. MVF was tasked with generating a reliable and consistent source of high-quality leads, that were GPDR compliant, to help bloom scale and meet growth targets.

The Partnership

The partnership has developed beyond just lead generation. By demonstrating a strong interest in understanding the sales funnel and organisational setup of bloom, MVF has helped to optimise and close the leads received, furthering business growth within the hearing aids market, and ensuring bloom are recognised as “an important and valued business partner.”

The capabilities of the MVF team are unmatched. By bringing technology and teamwork together, we're pleased with the unique results we've achieved. Their team is hardworking and dedicated to our mission which makes them a great partner.


The leads generated for bloom have now increased fivefold. Over time, MVF has helped bloom to scale with the large rise in lead volumes and support the growth of its business through the launch of its remote care product. All this means bloom was able to increase its sales team by 10%. The relationship continues to flourish, as bloom look to MVF for expertise on digital marketing channel investments. 

What's next

The ever changing nature of the digital landscape means that modernising and future proofing its business is a constant challenge for bloom. MVF has strived to make bloom as defensible as possible during the pandemic, by ensuring that a steady stream of “solid, reliable, consistent” leads flow into the organisation so growth targets continue to be met. 

During Covid19

Regular communication, adapting marketing messaging to remote hearing models and regularly analysing lead feedback data between bloom and MVF has helped to ensure the best strategy is set in place. These quick changes speak volumes to the strength and success of this partnership.

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