MVF have helped increase conversion rates by 165% while reducing acquisition costs by 45%. Read to find out more.

The Challenge is a work operating system (Work OS) where organizations of any size can create the tools and processes they need to manage every aspect of their work.  By combining building blocks, like apps, automations, and integrations, teams can build or customize the workflows of their dreams. Their challenge has always remained unchanged and that’s to increase their exposure to new potential customers by driving online traffic towards’s landing page. Their plans are set on growing their brand presence and customer base across the globe.

The Partnership

The partnership together has developed over time, with initial volumes growing incrementally over the years. Campaigns were always kept front of mind and were optimized to reflect’s evolving KPIs and metrics, with an emphasis on sharing performance data to help inform critical decisions. This has been key to accelerating growth whilst optimizing towards quality simultaneously. Regular catch-ups ensure results are being met, so best practices can be shared and consistently aligned on. As a result, conversion rates increased by 165% and Customer Acquisition Costs decreased by 45%.

The capabilities of the MVF team are unmatched. By bringing technology and teamwork together, we're pleased with the unique results we've achieved. Their team is hardworking and dedicated to our mission which makes them a great partner.


Since partnering, the relationship has grown extensively, particularly in 2021, with orders more than doubling.

The number of publishing partners and subsequent exposure increased by 450%, with targeted products worked on together growing by 400%. But growth plans didn’t stop there. Sights were set on helping grow internationally, by scaling and penetrating new markets in both geo and publisher terms. Starting with traffic from the Netherlands, MVF now works with across 8 countries by expanding their marketing mix and consistently onboarding publishers, and bloggers, and driving quality traffic towards their online offering.

Overall, time spent on managing individual publishers and campaigns has decreased while performance increased, with conversion rates increasing by 165% and Customer Acquisition Costs decreasing by 45%.

What's next

Plans are set on continuing to drive growth internationally. Improving quality through close collaboration and campaign optimizations means there is the infrastructure to onboard more quality publishers, thus helping achieve their new business goals.

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