MVF connects leading logistic, fleet management and telematic businesses with thousands of carriers, brokers and shippers every month, through cutting-edge marketing and high intent-traffic to our owned brands.

By using brand-agnostic advertising, we are able to connect buyers to new businesses that meet their needs. For over a decade MVF have been achieving significant uplifts in sales, international expansions and new product launches in this space.

Customer Generation In The Logistics Sector

We work across logistics and telematics connecting you with customers that are in the midst of their purchase decision.

Driving High-Intent Customers

From our position as trusted data-driven experts in customer generation, MVF has witnessed the shift in business expectations and understands the nuances of new business acquisition for a range of logistical services. We have a unique understanding of how individuals in this sector make purchasing decisions via digital channels. We are able to capture enquiries from customers that are ready and willing to buy, and deliver these via API to your CRM system, in real-time.

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Tap into logistics customers you can’t reach anywhere else

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Our Brands

81% of customers conduct research before buying online with this figure increasing in line with the value of the product. Logistics customers compare vendors, read reviews and seek trusted sources of information to help make complex buying decisions.

Our trusted and unique brands provide exclusive access to in-market logistics customers that can’t be reached anywhere else. Each year, our brands help millions of customers make complex buying decisions, offering impartial guidance that connects them to the services and products that best fit their needs.

How It Works

We move mountains. You pay per lead or click.

We move mountains.
You pay per lead or click.