4com, a phone system business, have tripled their monthly lead volumes with MVF. Find out how.

The Challenge

MVF started working with 4com 10 years ago, helping the launch of several products along the way. Therefore, when 4com launched their own business phone, MVF was tasked with consistently generating high-quality leads at high volumes to support the product’s launch and growth.

The Partnership

The partnership has developed greatly over the years with remarkable results. Ahead of the launch, 4com demoed the new technology to the MVF team, who went away and created bespoke advertising campaigns and content to support the product and facilitate the delivery of high-quality leads.

MVF delivers a high volume of high quality leads, supporting the launch and growth of our product.


4com have now tripled their monthly lead volumes with MVF. A sophisticated qualification and validation process ensures that not only do 4com receive genuine sales opportunities but they are also provided with vital information about the prospect business and its requirements. 4com have now doubled their headcount and have moved to a much larger office.

What's next

Innovation is at the forefront for 4com with new product launches and territory expansion imminent. Their ongoing partnership with MVF is set to drive the customer generation required for growth targets to be met.

During Covid19

MVF has been regularly analyzing the disposition data to ensure the best strategy is set in place during this time. One that works for 4com, ensuring a tighter cost-effective approach, still driving high-quality, and continuing to provide leads for the sales team. These quick changes made in the strategy highlights the success of this partnership.

The Client:

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