Activ8 have installed more than 70,000 solar panels, with 2,000 leads a month being bought from MVF. Find out why.

The Challenge

Activ8 first partnered with MVF in August 2018 as part of their plan to become the leading residential installer in Ireland. To support their growing sales team, Activ8 wanted to increase and diversify their lead generation supply to secure more high intent customers. 

The Partnership

As the partnership grew over the last two years, thanks to a steady supply of high-quality leads, Activ8 has placed increasing trust in MVF, leading to a mutually beneficial relationship. MVF has been committed to delivering only the highest quality service to Activ8 and has placed exceptional care in managing the customer relationship with a dedicated account executive representative. 

We have greatly increased our trust in the service provided by MVF thanks to the outstanding customer service and quality of leads


At the beginning of the partnership, Activ8’s order volume was 140 leads per month, but it has increased to over 2000 leads. MVF was able to provide Activ8 with more of the exact type of customers they were looking for due to a highly diverse marketing channel mix. Thanks to the fruitful partnership, the company has grown its sales department and is now able to help even more customers to utilize solar power. 

What's next

Activ8 has ambitious plans for expansion reflected by the growing sales team, along with moving into a new headquarters, to which MVF will provide additional value through high-quality lead generation.  

During Covid19

Activ8 implemented safety measures effectively to protect its customers and employees. They placed strict rules and guidelines for installers and employees when it comes to interacting with customers and they’ve informed customers of all changes. MVF recogniszd the challenges with running a customer-facing business and accommodated all changes required in their marketing. Once lockdown measures were eased, Activ8 reverted back to its original growth plans with MVF.  

The Client:

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