Since 2017, Quartix has increased their geographical influence through MVF for their tracking services. Learn more.

The Challenge

In 2014, Quartix began working with MVF with ambitious growth targets and expansion plans to internationalize. Quartix wanted to benefit from MVF’s presence across many different countries and to scale up quickly in line with these growth plans. As the partnership has developed, the focus remains to increase performance in current operating areas while continuously expanding into new regions. 

The Partnership

Though the main objective has always been to help Quartix internationalize into new markets, there has also been a continuous focus on driving up conversion rates too. Working closely to deliver dedicated account management, improve filters, amend campaigns, carry out mystery shops, and by sharing best practices, we have ensured that the growth achieved via internationalization has been backed up by consistently well-performing marketing activity and enviable conversion rates. 

The biggest benefit is the growth in the volume of leads without having to invest heavily in branding - allowing Quartix to scale up geographically


MVF has allowed Quartix to grow the volume of leads without having to invest heavily in their branding, which has enabled them to scale geographically.

Quartix began working with MVF in the UK and in the first three years of the partnership grew lead volumes by 609%. Since 2017, MVF has supported Quartix’s growth across the US, France, Germany, Spain, Poland and Italy and seen a further 266% increase in lead volumes since expanding.

This growth enabled the Quartix sales team to grow by 15 members working across the different regions and supported them in meeting their growth targets. 

What's next

The focus of this partnership remains on scaling in line with Quartix’s business goals to continue its international expansion into further regional markets and continue increasing performance. MVF will play a key part in this growth and are currently working with Quartix on the launch in Ireland.

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