GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit’s orders have tripled during the first 12 months with MVF. Read to learn more.

The Challenge

In January 2019, GPS Trackit needed a new solution to generate leads as their organic web leads and AdWords were delivering low revenue prospects at high cost.

The Partnership

When the collaboration between MVF and GPS Trackit began, initial results had an instant positive impact for their sales team. After a short trial, it was clear the company wanted to keep building on the partnership and improve these results further.

The capabilities of the MVF team are unmatched. By bringing technology and teamwork together, we're pleased with the unique results we've achieved. Their team is hardworking and dedicated to our mission which makes them a great partner.


GPS Trackit partnered with MVF in March 2019, securing many new clients and managing to record increases in their average deal size too. They have scaled out the program to different segments of the organization, including the enterprise team.

“Working with our account manager (Paul) has been a pleasure because he makes himself available anytime, and always keeps us on target. I would recommend MVF to any sales organization that takes process seriously, and is looking to scale fast.”

In the beginning of the partnership, MVF were supplying GPS Trackit with just under 200 leads per month. The relationship developed quickly, with orders tripling over the first 12 months. 

What's next

GPS Trackit is looking to grow fast sustainably by scaling out the program even more across the business. Additionally, MVF will be working to help GPS Trackit’s already successful close and opportunity rate increase.

The Client:

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