Despite the pandemic, a bookkeeping service, Boekhouden.nl, grew 88% in 2020, generating over 150,000 clicks. Find out how.

The Challenge

The initial challenge in 2015 was for e-Boekhouden.nl to centralize their affiliate relationships into an easy-to-manage platform. It was quickly evident that this approach was beneficial and focus soon turned to growth goals and scaling the business with MVF’s CPC model.

The Partnership

e-Boekhouden.nl began their relationship with MVF on a CPL model, switching to CPC in 2015. e-Boekhouden.nl were satisfied right from the start of the partnership, seeing an initial strong performance, and throughout have been impressed with lead volumes, traffic generated, customer reach, and conversions, as well as the strong partnership created to grow the business.

If you wish to grow your customer base and revenue, then I would deploy MVF as a marketing instrument.


In 2016, there was very strong CPC performance with year on year growth at 203% and despite the global pandemic there was YoY growth of 88% in 2020, generating over 150,000 clicks for e-Boekhouden.nl. We expect this growth to exceed in 2021.

The key drivers of this continuous growth are communication and data sharing between e-Boekhouden.nl and MVF. This enables MVF to optimize with full transparency and ensure maximum success in campaigns and new business for e-Boekhouden.nl. Lead data sharing means MVF knows exactly what channels to focus on and invest in, what changes to make and how to drive the biggest growth to align with e-Boekhouden.nl strategy.

e-Boekhouden.nl knew they had made the right decision to partner with MVF after seeing the company being listed as the best bookkeeping software on many different publishing websites, and seeing the customer base massively grow after advertising and investing in MVF.

What's next

e-Boekhouden.nl are looking to keep investing in more campaigns with MVF. The main goal is to increase conversion optimization and create even more traffic for e-Boekhouden.nl, in line with the business growth goals.

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