Solease has partnered with MVF to gain tools to sustainably grow their renewable energy rental company. Read to learn more.

The Challenge

In 2019, Solease began to work with MVF aiming to increase their conversions and sales to meet growth targets. In order to get there, MVF identified Solease needed higher quality leads, in addition to a more robust sales process.

The Partnership

The main objective of this partnership is to provide the Solease team with the best tools to sustainably grow their business. Solease also benefits from dedicated MVF account managers that understand their needs and work closely with the sales team. Some of the biggest successes have come from insight based optimisations recommended by these account managers. 

We needed a partner that was flexible. MVF adjusted to our needs and our lead quality has continued to improve since day one


Due to Solease giving MVF visibility into how their leads have performed, MVF has been able to offer insights helping Solease understand what they need to do in order to see more success. Changes have been made to the client’s sales process, which now works much more efficiently and delivers better conversion rates, and more sales. 

What's next

Focusing on building a strong long-term partnership, MVF is continuing to work with the Solease sales teams to further consolidate their processes, maximize efficiency, and create an internal best practice for converting leads to sales. 

The Client:

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