How We Unlocked 4X More New Customers a Month for This Client

It is a common thing (a right of passage, if you will) that successful businesses at some point hit road bumps in their growth journey. For one of our larger partners ("Client X"), their road bump was this: they needed a more efficient lead conversion rate than they were achieving with their existing customer generation partners, in order to accelerate their sales and continue to grow. 

"There’s nothing we love more than a competition"

As a large, international player in the digital marketing space, Client X had worked with other digital customer generation partners before but wanted to improve on the ROI that they were achieving. This meant when they approached MVF, the focus was to improve on historical performance and supply sales-ready leads that reliably and sustainably converted at a more efficient rate than 2%. There’s nothing we love more than a competition. 

Our account managers prioritized collaborating with Client X, to really understand their success metrics. This is always one of the first and most important steps when working with larger partners. We often find there are established measures and KPIs for new business goals, so as a supplier for sales teams, it is important for us to understand these in detail so that we are working to achieve them as a deliverable of the partnership.

Gold dust data

As soon as MVF started delivering leads, we collected monthly data including information on how the leads were generated and the conversion rates they achieved. This level of transparency allows for continued optimization of campaigns and lead follow-up processes as well as flagging any volume issues or potential problems that should be investigated further. Essentially, this data is gold dust for our marketing teams. 

This is an ongoing process and aside from data sharing, regular contact, in-depth process reviews, and a consultative approach are all important elements of ensuring the partnership reliably delivers the best ROI. 

Seeing genuine growth

The consultative approach to problem-solving taken by our account managers meant that MVF’s leads achieved an improved conversion rate of 7% compared to 2% before. 

The genuine growth delivered by this partnership impressed the decision-makers from Client X, beating historical lead performance and exceeding their expectations. As a result, they decided to increase their investment in MVF’s services, taking the number of leads MVF connected them with each month from 500 to almost 2,000. 

Going forward, we are committed to further optimizing campaigns to maximize conversion rates and improve follow up processes. This long-term commitment to outstanding support and continuous reviews of performance means MVF will remain the lead generation partner of choice for Client X and their go-to for any future growth-related road bumps. 

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