Pixxles allows customers to accept payments across 100+ currencies and MVF has been helping them achieve this goal. Read to find out how.

The Challenge

Founded in 2018, Pixxles is a relatively new business in the payment processing space. They were looking to shake up their growth strategy in an effort to scale fast and increase their brand awareness. Early conversations consisted of plans to revolutionise how they attract new business and create a strong pipeline for their sales teams.

The Partnership

The success of this partnership can be attributed to the consistency in lead quality and through establishing a close relationship with their MVF account manager who has been quick to react to support their requests. Regular calls are in place to ensure predicted volumes match targets, and marketing campaigns are adapted and analysed to ensure conversion performance is reflected in Pixxles key growth metrics.

The capabilities of the MVF team are unmatched. By bringing technology and teamwork together, we're pleased with the unique results we've achieved. Their team is hardworking and dedicated to our mission which makes them a great partner.


Pixxles has seen huge success with MVF leads, helping them not only to increase their new business numbers but reach their ambitious growth targets. Over time as Pixxles grows, plans are set to scale their monthly payment processing lead volumes and then diversify into new products, starting with their POS offering. With the already established partnership, MVF will be quick to provide huge volumes of POS leads and grow this side of the business.

The Client:

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