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One Year of Be Well

At MVF we’re very proud to say that we have been prioritising the health & well being of our people for over two years now. We’ve recently celebrated the first anniversary of our official health & wellbeing strategy - Be Well.

Be Well is a multifaceted initiative that we gave a brand identity to demonstrate that our employee’s well being is a top priority for MVF.
We wanted to enable employees to access well being initiatives and activities in different ways, such as physical, psychological, philanthropic, environmental and social, as we recognise that well being isn’t a one size fits all concept and can mean a variety of things to each person.

Our vision for Be Well is to fully embed wellbeing into our culture - we don’t believe that well being support is just another tick box exercise to get people through our doors, so it’s not just something that’s slapped on top as an afterthought.
We’re well informed and super passionate about all of the initiatives that we run and if that wasn’t enough, Be Well has measurable KPIs that are reported on regularly and is constantly growing and evolving as MVF does.

We celebrated Be Well’s first anniversary with an afternoon jam-packed with wonderful activities including:
- Massages
- T Shirt designing
- Colouring in
- Yoga
- Sound baths
- And healthy treats such a vegan brownies & home-made peach tea

Be Well has definitely made an impact in its first year, with “health” scoring as our top driver in recent employee engagement surveys - 0.4 above industry benchmark! And over 80% of responses to questions about well being and mental health support being very positive.

Over the last year we’ve implemented a huge range of initiatives and worked with some amazing companies that we feel share our vision of putting well being firmly on the map and we’re delighted with how Be Well has been received by MVFers so far.

This year has included training accredited Mental Health First Aiders from across MVF, partnering with Health Assured for employee support and counselling, several Gong Baths, Weekly Meditation Sessions, Puppy Therapy Sessions, a huge programme of Sports and Fitness Clubs, the list goes on... We really believe there has been something for everyone!

And the focus doesn’t stop there, we’re really excited about the future of Be Well and how we’ll expand the offering even further!

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