Love Energy Savings

Love Energy Savings’ has increased their investments into MVF’s leads by 500% since 2019. Learn more.

The Challenge

MVF started working with Love Energy Savings back in 2018 helping them drive growth through the supply of business energy leads. Initial lead-to-sale results were stable, and over time this reliable source of new business helped Love Energy Savings to consistently hit their growth targets and expand their sales team.

The Partnership

The partnership has gone from strength to strength over the years due both to the quality of leads provided and through the attentiveness of MVF’s account managers. So much so that Love Energy Savings’ investment in MVF leads has increased by 500% since June 2019.

Regular catch-ups are in place to ensure both parties are fully aware of campaign performance, meaning feedback is quickly shared with MVF’s marketing teams to make the relevant campaign changes so that Love Energy Savings sees their agreed ROI. 

We see MVF as one of our core partners and we have a great working relationship with our account manager.


Despite the pandemic, the strength of this relationship, in particular, has grown during 2020 and now MVF is seen as one of its core partners. Communication has remained a key driver in making a success of this partnership, along with a flexible working approach and a mutual understanding of expectations. 

MVF has ensured to learn more about the business energy market through the eyes of their partners and gain a more grounded understanding of their growth plans. This attempt to learn more even extends over and above Love Energy Savings’ core products, to gain a more well-rounded understanding of their business and assist in any way possible.

What's next

Sights are set on maintaining the close nature of this partnership and keeping up the success seen during 2020. With the continuous alignment of each other’s goals, plans to grow lead volumes and Love Energy Savings are set for the future.

The Client:

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